SIAPS Case by Case

Individually each one of the case examples below describes interventions, strategies, and actions taken to deliver results in specific areas of governance, capacity building, data for decision-making, supply chain, and pharmaceutical services.  Collectively, they show the breadth of the SIAPS Program’s achievements in pharmaceutical systems strengthening.

Note: These case examples were published in May 2015 in preparation for a mid-term evaluation of the SIAPS Program, which is available on the USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC).

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1-mod-leg-swaziland_page_1Modernizing Legislation in Swaziland to Improve the Control Medicines

2-medpolicyprocsa_page_1Building Capacity in South Africa for the Development of Pharmaceutical Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

3-strengthmedregdrc_page_1Strengthening Regulatory Systems to Improve Access to Safe; Effective, and Quality Medicines

5-spssupervisionnamibia_page_1Strengthening Pharmaceutical Services through Structured Supportive Supervision in Namibia

7-preservice_ethiopia-swaziland_page_1Supportive Pre- and In-Service Training Programs to Expand and Strengthen the Pharmaceutical Workforce

8-e-tbmangerukraine_page_1e-TB Manager Promotes Treatment Quality and Evidence-Based Forecasting of TB Medicines in Ukraine

9-dashboards-for-informed-decision-making_ethiopia-bangladesh_page_1       Using Dashboards to Harness        the Power of Data for Informed Decision Making

10-rxsolutionsouthafrica_page_1RxSolution: An Electronic Inventory and Patient Management Tool Improves Access to and Rational Use of Medicines

11-financialgapdr_page_1Closing the Financial Gap to Ensure Availability of HIV and AIDS Commodities in the Dominican Republic

12-ptcs_page_1The Role of PTCs in Using Financial Resources Efficiently in South Africa

13-logmanagmentunitsptcs_page_1Logistics Management Units Improve Availability of Medicines in Bangladesh

14-quantificationswaziland_page_1Coordinated Quantification of Health Commodities Helps Increase Availability of Medicines in Swaziland
16-iccmburundi_page_1           Evaluation and Expansion         of Community Case Management of Malaria to Support Informed Decision Making 17-privatesectortb_page_1Engaging Private-Sector Drug Dispensers to Improve Tuberculosis Control 18-pvswaziland_page_1Strengthening Pharmacovigilance Systems in Swaziland to Improve Patient Safety and Treatment Outcomes