Ending Malaria for Good: Systems Strengthened, Lessons Learned

One of the world’s oldest diseases, malaria claimed 1.2 million lives at its peak in 2004. Today, with proven prevention and treatment strategies, nine countries have now eradicated malaria. However, malaria still claims more than 400,000 lives each year—mostly children under the age of five in sub-Saharan Africa. The costs of malaria do not stop … Read more

Devex Features SIAPS Program Work on Pharmaceutical Financing

Governments should not have to “break the bank” while working to achieve universal access to quality-assured and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor Niranjan Konduri wrote in a Devex op-ed this week. Reacting to the WHO’s first global report on diabetes, released on April 6, Konduri identified inefficient government spending on pharmaceutical commodities as … Read more

Strengthening Systems to Fight Malaria in Guatemala

To achieve the objective of eliminating malaria in Guatemala, timely access to appropriate treatment is a key strategy for the Ministry of Health. One of the mainstays of this strategy is the network of community volunteers who provide diagnosis and treatment for malaria in their communities.  After an assessment identifying weaknesses in the management of … Read more

Publication Highlight: Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions

Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions represents an up-to-date[i] and practical resource for those developing interventions to improve access to and use of medicines for child illness. While it primarily targets groups working in community organizations, health facilities, and district health offices, it could also be used within the … Read more

Global Health Mini-University Presentations Now Available

SIAPS Program presentations from the 2016 Global Health Mini-University are now available at the links below. For additional presentation materials and photos from the March 4 event, click here. SIAPS Presentations Introducing New TB Medicines and Regimens: Is Success Driven By Systems? Building Systems for Access and Appropriate Use of iCCM Medicines Increasing Access to … Read more