Launch of QuanTB 3.0

The USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) program is excited to announce the launch of a new version of the QuanTB tool, version 3.0.

QuanTB is a downloadable electronic forecasting, quantification, and early warning tool designed to improve procurement processes, ordering, and planning for TB treatment. QuanTB transforms complicated calculations into a user-friendly dashboard displaying key information for managing medicines and can help countries to avoid stock-outs and expiries of medicines.

The new version contains enhancements based on valuable user feedback, including the ability to merge forecasting files, which allows users to consolidate data from subnational level or other settings and reduce time spent entering data by hand. New features also include the ability to divide multiyear forecasting for supply planning purposes. This version allows importing and exporting data on medicines stocks, cases on treatment, and expected cases from other software, such as excel, for interoperability. The user’s guide is now built in the software and can be accessed anytime while using the tool. This version also allows extracting the list of medicines and regimens (called “dictionary file”) directly from the forecasting files created by other users in different settings and countries. Additionally, the dashboard has been enhanced to display more information making it easy for TB programs and health workers to understand the drug stock situation quickly.QuanTB

QuanTB has been downloaded over 1,000 times and will be used in 20 countries by 2016. QuanTB is also utilized by the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF), other organizations and independent consultants worldwide. The tool is available in 6 languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

The new QuanTB 3.0 tool and user guide can be accessed at the QuanTB website, Feedback and questions are very welcome; all comments can be shared through the QuanTB forum at and via email