Standardizing Clinical Practices in Swaziland

A common practice in a health system is to have standard treatment guidelines by which all health practitioners use to ensure rational use of medicines and methods. In Swaziland, however, several doctors and health workers apply a variety of approaches to managing common illnesses because they receive their training from different medical schools outside of … Read more

Challenges and Opportunities of NTD Medicines Management

by Gabriel Daniel, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor Onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis and schisotomiasis are among a group of illnesses known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that are not commonly heard of which affect over millions of people globally who live in poverty and have poor access to basic needs such as clean water. They can cause … Read more

Improving Access to Maternal Health Commodities: A Systems Approach

Cross posted on Maternal Health Taskforce’s blog as part of the Maternal Health Commodities Blog Series. By Beth Yeager, SIAPS principal technical adviser for maternal and child health. Despite a decade of significant progress reducing maternal mortality rates, very few countries are on target to meet Millennium Development Goal #5A of reducing the maternal mortality ratio … Read more