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Registration and Quality Assurance of ARVs and other Essential Medicines in Namibia

SIAPS provided technical assistance to facilitate the expedited assessment and registration of new and existing ARV formulations to support the implementation of the revised Namibian ART guidelines (dated January 2014). The technical assistance focused on improving the efficiency of the regulatory system so that the recommended new first-line fixed-dose combination ARVs that contain tenofovir and emtricitabine for adults; optimized ARV formulations for pediatric use; and other medicines for HIV and AIDS; TB; maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH); and other public health diseases are assessed and considered for registration and made available for public procurement in a timely manner to benefit patients undergoing ART.

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Human Resource Capacity Development for ART and Pharmaceutical Services in Namibia, October 2014-September 2015

SIAPS Namibia applied the capacity building approach to support the Ministry of Health and Social Services to enhance the capacity of two local training institutions—UNAM-SoP and the NHTC—to train pharmacists and PAs, respectively. With SIAPS technical assistance for defining a career path for PAs, UNAM-SoP started training pharmacy technicians, a new cadre in Namibia. SIAPS also continued its efforts to enhance the capacity of individuals through pre- and in-service training to ensure that health workers have adequate skills to administer quality pharmaceutical services. The capacity building interventions were done through training workshops and on-the-job technical assistance provided during support supervisory visits (SSVs) and remotely.

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Promoting the Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance in Ohangwena Region, Namibia

SIAPS supported the University of Namibia School of Medicine (UNAM-SOM) to facilitate a continuing professional development (CPD) activity with health practitioners and regional management teams in Namibia’s Ohangwena region on strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR), including HIV drug resistance (HIV-DR), and the use of early warning indicators (EWI) for early detection and action. The UNAM facilitator at the CPD activity was a participant of the AMR/rational medicines use (RMU) workshop in 2013. A total of 25 participants including nurses, doctors, and pharmacy personnel were trained in AMR, HIV-DR, and EWIs. At the end of the one-day workshop, the participants designed an action plan to promote activities for reducing the development of AMR in their respective districts and health facilities.

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Assessment of Compliance of Outpatient Prescribing with the Namibia Standard Treatment Guidelines in Public Sector Health Facilities

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), in partnership with the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), conducted an assessment of compliance of prescribers with the Namibia Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) and changes in prescribing practices for selected conditions. The first comprehensive Namibia STGs were launched and distributed to all health facilities in the country in 2011. The main objectives of the assessment were to determine the extent of compliance of prescribers with the STGs, and to compare prescribing practices before and after the roll out of the STGs. The assessment also aimed to explore factors associated with compliance and to find out what activities were implemented in health facilities and regions to promote compliance with the STGs.


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Incorporating Pharmaceutical Supply Management Modules in the Pre-Service Curriculum of the BPharm Program of the University of Namibia, School of Pharmacy

Mazibuko JN, Sagwa E, Kagoya HR, Kibuule D, Rennie T, Tukai M, Ghoneim R, Mabirizi D, et al. (October 2014). Incorporating pharmaceutical supply management modules in the pre-service curriculum of the BPharm program, of the University of Namibia, School of Pharmacy. Poster presentation at the People that Deliver Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. Published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice. 2014; 7(Suppl. 1):12.

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