Strengthening the Nevirapine Safety Signal by Using the Electronic Dispensing Tool in Namibia

The primary objective of this signal strengthening activity was to estimate the frequency of substitution of NVP with a protease inhibitor (PI) during the period 2008 to 2011 and to determine if any increase detected was statistically significant.

The incidence of NVP-related reactions of grade 3 and 4 increased with the implementation of Namibia’s 2010 ART Guidelines. The NVP safety signal of increased reports of grade 3 and 4 reactions was indeed a true signal. It is possible that initiating NVP-containing ART in women with high baseline CD4 counts, that is >250 cells/mm3, was the cause for the increase in the incidence of NVP-related grade 3 and 4 reactions. Therefore, the national HIV programme needs to review the use of NVP.

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