Development of Swaziland’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Containment Strategic Plan

SIAPS has been proactive in supporting Swaziland in various areas of the pharmaceutical sector, which has contributed to the containment of antimicrobial resistance. During the process of developing the National AMR Containment Strategic Plan, the stakeholders and the AMR committee have learned valuable lessons—in particular, the importance of the One Health approach, as well as the leadership and collaboration, financial and technical capacity required not only for the development of the strategic plan, but also for its implementation. Understanding the One Health approach at the early stages of the process is helpful in leadership and in collaboration with national and international stakeholders, and securing stakeholders’ technical and financial commitment, in addition to the government’s investment in the implementation of the strategic plan. SIAPS’ timely technical support played a key part in finalizing the National AMR Containment Strategic Plan.

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