World TB Day 2017

SIAPS helps high-burden TB countries build their capacity, consensus, and technical skills to strengthen pharmaceutical systems and services. The end goals: Better access to essential medicines, better health outcomes—and a world without TB. Below are highlights of some key projects.

The Groundbreaker: Rolling Out a New TB Drug
Bedaquiline is the first new class of antibiotic for TB to come along in decades. Here’s how it’s being introduced to treat drug-resistant TB in many low- and middle-income countries. More>>
Introducing New TB medicines in Five Countries: A Progress Report
A look at the impact of a new TB medicine. More>>
Q&A: In Human v. Tuberculosis, Humans Have the Advantage
TB is now the number-one infectious disease killer and causes more deaths than HIV/AIDs according to WHO’s Global Tuberculosis Report 2016. Many people with TB have not been diagnosed and are not receiving treatment, particularly children. However, new medicine formulations and technologies may help turn the tide. More>>

How can private medicine vendors help fight drug-resistant TB?
Tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest diseases, and multi-drug resistant TB has contributed significantly to the growing global threat of antimicrobial resistance.Yet in many of the countries most burdened by the disease, about half of those who have TB see private medicine vendors before any other health care professional. More>>

Improving patient safety and building stronger health systems in Georgia
With the emergence of new medicines and commodities for TB management, such as bedaquiline, it is critical to implement effective strategies to prevent adverse effects, monitor medication safety, and promote patient adherence to treatment. More>>

Improving data for decision making: Philippines adopts pharmacovigilance monitoring system
With the introduction of new anti-tuberculosis (TB) medicines and novel TB treatment regimens in the Philippines, patient safety and the effectiveness of the treatment need careful monitoring. More>>

Introduction of new TB medicines and regimens: An opportunity to strengthen pharmaceutical systems
New medicines and regimens, such as bedaquiline, delamanid, and the newly approved short course regimen, are an exciting development given that first- and second-line TB medicines have limited efficacy and potentially serious adverse effects. More>>


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